Saturday, 4 May 2013

Whiten your teeth naturally

Smile is the best part of your face, but how do you feel when your smile becomes yellow. You must be embarrassed with your yellow teeth. So, go for some of the natural ways to whiten your teeth and have a pearly white smile on your face.
Chewing food:
Eat more fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, pears that can clean and whiten the teeth naturally. It contains acidic content that helps in whitening the teeth and a perfect good dental cleaning. Go for apple and carrot that is much better for your teeth than cut or drink juice.

Dairy Diet:
Go for milk, cheese or yogurt which is a contributor of calcium and phosphorous for the body. Many of you may not be aware that proper intake of calcium improves the structure and condition of the teeth themselves. Go for calcium and phosphorous products to improve enamel, making it stronger than the roots and beautiful on the surface.

Eat strawberries as it contains malic acid and Vitamin C that can remove the yellowish layer from the tooth surface naturally. The texture of strawberry itself is able to improve the enamel and gets your white teeth (gigi putih). For effective results, mash fresh strawberries and mix it well with half teaspoon of baking powder before being placed on the tooth surface. Keep it for five minutes and try it once a week.

Use straw for drinking:
All the drinks except water to cook which can leave an impact on the tooth surface and can fade the color of your teeth. Every time you drink flavored water, use a straw to prevent your teeth from coming in contact with the surfaces of teeth, preserving the whiteness of your teeth.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Poco Zakka & Kitchen : common place for Food and Art

If you have a collection of self-produced art work and searching a place to exhibit it, here is a solution. This place is a great combination of fine arts and contemporary world. A unique concept of 'eating arty'. Yes, while you can showcase your art work or have a look on others' work, enjoy delicious and authentic Japanese cuisine. You can not avoid the culinary delights, unique cafes and comfortable atmosphere.

I am talking about PocoZakka & Kitchen restaurant at Giza Mall. It is a Japanese fusion restaurant and the first thing you would love about this place is great ambience. At the very first step only, you would love everything about the décor; the retro-inspired designs, decorative crafts and amazing accessories.

The restaurant not only displays the art work collection of the owner (couple Chen and Seah), but also of the local people regardless of the artist's status. If your work is interesting and soul-touching, Chen and Seah will never hesitate to display it in their cafe.
Chen loves art and Seah has an entrepreneurial approach. So, the young couple combined their interests for an interesting and successful business. The concept is inspired by their trip to the land of the rising sun.

Originally, they started with a little cafe 'Poco Handmade', which was situated in Bangsar and after two years, they moved to the Zakka & Kitchen in Sunway Giza. I really appreciate the concept of serving appetizing Japanese dishes while providing artists an opportunity to display their talent to the world.